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Technoscape 2020

Water has made its way into almost every aspect of human life and has become the most indispensable natural resource. However, various anthropogenic activities are threatening its very existence. If the judicious utilization of the remaining supplies is to be ensured, it is our responsibility as human beings to search for viable alternatives. Fulfilling the growing demand and evading a global water crisis requires the community to develop and innovate new prospects in water technology to provide a sustainable solution. Hence, we propose to convene IWA - YWP First Trans-Asia Conference on Smart Technologies for Water and Waste Water Treatment at VIT, Vellore from 16 - 19 December, 2020.

Goals of the Conference

The rapid rate of degeneration and the rapid deterioration of the quality of water has become a major cause for global concern. Numerous initiations serve to reinforce the importance of the judicious use of the water resources. Technology also plays a significant role in the advancement of waste water management techniques.

IWA Technoscape aims to achieve the following goals that will serve as a key towards inaugurating a sustainable environment.

  • Bring together all water professionals to address the existing plight of water resources, to contribute plausible ideas and to inculcate better water management practices to meet the colossal demands.
  • Offer an ideal platform for the sharing of the prodigious knowledge on advanced and smart technologies for water and waste water treatment.
  • Provide a holistic view on water research and insights on some of the modern aids such as IoT, remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Focus on the transdisciplinary research to facilitate a systematic approach towards the challenges.
  • Interact and gain inputs from water-based industries worldwide.
  • Propose exceptional remedies that strengthen the consciousness of sustainable growth among the global communities.

International Water Association

Water underpins every aspect of human and environmental existence. The severe water challenges facing the world today require an unprecedented global response. IWA members and staff from 130 countries worldwide, form the largest international network of water professionals working towards a world that is water-wise. Being innovative, service-oriented, we focus on a range of areas that contribute to the progression of water management, across the world. Transformation cannot happen on its own nor in a vacuum. Rather the ideas for solutions to these challenges will be fomented and rigorously debated amongst the members of the IWA institutions.

The International Water Association is an open, yet ordered platform in which both innovators and adopters of new technologies and approaches can generate creative friction. It is definitely the place for diffusion of the thought and evidence of success and establishing benchmarks of their own. IWA programs focus on research and projects that provide viable solutions for water and wastewater management. IWA organizes world-class events that bring the latest developments in science, technology and the best practices to the water sector at large. IWA also works relentlessly to place water on the global political agenda and to influence the best practices in regulation and policymaking, and this is done via the IWA’s global membership.

Young Water Professionals

It is clear that the water sector should invest in recruitment, management, and development of young staff, as well as put them at the forefront of design, development, and implementation of current change processes. It is not a concern of the future, but the present and now!

IWA invests in Young Water Professionals, by empowering them within the association to plan their course of work in the water sector. The Young members will be able to build their careers through this network, by connecting and contributing, to the water sector. They will also develop professionally, by working with peers internationally as well as gain a noteworthy profile.

Vellore Institute of Technology


VIT was founded in 1984 as Vellore Engineering College by the Chancellor, Dr. G. Viswanathan. From its humble beginnings, the institution has grown exponentially and has more than 35,000 students. It was conferred the university status in 2001 in recognition of its excellence in academics, research and extracurricular initiatives. VIT has been consistently ranked among the best institutions of the country, and is aspiring to emerge as a global leader. The National Institution Ranking Framework (NIRF) of the MHRD, Government of India, has identified VIT as the best Private Engineering Institution in India.

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