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Technoscape 18 – An International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources – Innovations and Impacts was held in Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore from 6th to 8th September, 2018.

This joint venture by Yokohama National University, Japan and VIT, Vellore primarily focused on finding answers to grave issues involving water. The inaugural ceremony of the conference was graced by the esteemed guests, Padma Shri Prof Ganapathi Dadasaheb Yadav, The Chief Guest, a Chemical Engineer, inventor and an academic par excellence. Technoscape’18 honoured him with The Lifetime Achievement award and the Vice Chancellor, Dr Anand A Samuel. A panel discussion was held on the topic ‘How far away are we from Day Zero?’ which proved useful for those trying to gain an insight on where we stand with our resources and the current technology relating to water conservation.

We had total of 8 sessions spanning 2 days where 62 papers were presented on different themes of sustainable water resources adopted by Technoscape’18. An opportunity to publish papers in eminent journals and book chapters like Springer, ASCE and IWA were provided. Our keynote speakers took the stage to project fresh perspectives from Japan, Taiwan and Poland. A conference dinner followed the showcasing of cultural diversity of India in the form of stage performances by the students. The delegates and the guests were taken for a visit to the Golden Temple in Vellore to experience the confluence of contemporary and traditional temple architecture of India.

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