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India is a land of unparalleled beauty ranging from snow-capped mountains to hot deserts. It is endowed with a diverse variety of landscapes, natural features and weather conditions and moments of magic await the explorer in every state, in every corner. There exists a myriad of cultures comprising of influences which also include Portuguese, Dutch, French, Mughals, Persians and British nuances.

Agriculturally driven, the country is home to lush paddy fields, spectacular sunrises, colorful places of worship and rock cut structures and pristine clear waters that offer a wonderful experience.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, India’s southernmost state has a lot to offer with unique festivals, the classical language ‘Tamil’, the people who epitomize the Indian tradition of putting guests before oneself and ancient architectural marvels that go as far back as two millennia of which some are world heritage sites. The fervour of fans, their unique love and frenzy for cinema and the culinary experience can rival even the best in the world. It has a beautiful The 1000km coastline boasts its golden sands, along with the lush vegetation and twisted gorges that cascade into a series of spectacular waterfalls. Not to forget the juxtaposition of “shola forest and grassland ecosystem” and the beautiful mountainous regions.


“They've kept the tale a hundred years; they’ll keep the tale a hundred more”

– Sir Henry Newbolt on “Vellore”

With its bright blue sky, hillocks and hot sun, Vellore, "The City of spears” is located on the banks of the River Palar in Tamil Nadu. The historical city having shadows of a glorious past is known for its enriching legacy and shimmering early Dravidian culture. The magnificent Vellore fortress in the centre of the city is the finest and one of the best-preserved specimens worthy of being called a marvel of military architecture. The city surrounded by hills, facing the lovely sundown, puts on a purple tinge like a heather bloom to greet us with tropical temperature.

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