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T r a n s c e n d - E v o l v e - S u s t a i n

Technoscape 2020

First  IWA-YWP Trans-Asia Conference on

Smart Technologies for Water and Wastewater Treatment

16th - 19th December 2020, VELLORE, INDIA

Technoscape 2020

Water has made its way into almost every aspect of human life and has become the most indispensable natural resource. However, various anthropogenic activities are threatening its very existence. If the judicious utilization of the remaining supplies is to be ensured, it is our responsibility as human beings to search for viable alternatives.

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India is a land of unparalleled beauty ranging from snow-capped mountains to hot deserts. It is endowed with a diverse variety of landscapes, natural features and weather conditions and moments of magic await the explorer in every state, in every corner.

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The Venue

First Trans-Asia IWA-YWP Conference – Technoscape 2020 will be held at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, TN, INDIA


International Water Association

Water underpins every aspect of human and environmental existence. The severe water challenges facing the world today require an unprecedented global response. IWA members and staff are based in 130 countries worldwide, forming the largest international network of water professionals working towards a world that is water wise.

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Young Water Professionals

It is clear that the water sector should invest in recruitment, management and development of young staff, as well as put them at the forefront of design, development and implementation of current change processes. It is not a concern of the future, but it should and is happening now!

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Do you want to make a difference in the world of water? Through IWA, you can actively take part in various events and contribute to the changing practices for a better future. So choose a membership package that suits you best and join us!


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